Thank you all for your messages!

It's good to know that database speed is compared to major RDBMs.
PicoLisp having an integrated database is a big plus for the language.

Thank you for providing the community such a powerful language that
for sure has many many hours of hard work.
As you say, the ones that come to PicoLisp are the ones who do the
effort to find a programming language.
As everything else in life, either people are satisfied with
propaganda that others try to push, or people choose to find their own
ways. I'm glad I'm between people who have the latter attitude.

Enough of philosophy, I'll just ask you something more, since my
searches in google were not conclusive.
I've seen this:!wiki?AndroidWebServer
and [-]
Will .apk android applications be supported by PicoLisp in the future?

Nice to hear that you're also starting with PicoLisp.
As recommended in the PicoLisp Reference, I'll start reading the book
"Lisp" by Winston/Horn.

Thorsten and Joe:
Thank you for the links!

Now it's time to start learning!


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