Am 28.09.2013 11:34, schrieb Henrik Sarvell:
I ended up adding everything I know of at the bottom of!wiki?Documentation

I suppose the rosetta examples and the code repositories aren't
strictly documentation but it felt like a better idea to put it on the
documentation page than making a completely new page. It's good to
have everything in one place.

Yes, indeed!

The nice articles (starting here: ) are good for newcomers (as I am) to picolisp.

I found them not before now by following the prodev-link - if you have just added that link, so feel 'blessed by a thankful user' :-)

The pleac-link might be helpful for newbies, too.

And not least the "Repositories" section guides one to some real projects implemented in picolisp - it's good to see some finished projects on the web.

Thankful greetings,

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