Hi Christophe,

> I'm interested by a clang compatible version, just to see what
> emscripten will make of it.
> For the sake of the experience I'm gonna try anyway.


Probably much more interesting (and useful) would be to port the pil64
assembler to clang. I considered that initially, but then gave up for
the same reasons (no control over stack and CPU flags).

> By the way, is the source of miniPicoLisp in the repo at code.google?
> https://code.google.com/p/picolisp/source/browse/

No, miniPicoLisp is separate. In fact, I had already stopped maintaining
it (after pil64 was out), but then went on to keep it in sync with all
relevant changes and fixes.

So it is only available as a tarball at


♪♫ Alex
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