> Thorsten Jolitz <tjol...@gmail.com>
> writes:
> Another very valuable contribution would be to create a third book
> ,----
> | "The PicoLisp Mail Archive"
> `----
> with all substantial posts/threads to the PicoLisp mailing list. Alex
> has a complete archive of these posts that has a pretty consistent
> format and thus could easily be converted to LaTeX with a script. But in
> the end human intelligence (and time and effort) is needed to filter out
> those posts/threads that are worth publishing (there are lots of them),
> remove text duplication etc. The book could be created using "PicoLisp
> by Example" as a LaTeX template.
> I'm sure Alex and the community would appreciate contributions (I
> would).

Indeed, he mail archive is full of useful information.
I usually use the online version at gmane:


There you can search the mailing archive quite comfortable.
Together with the official reference, the books and Henriks Blog it
answers most common questions for me.

Some more explaining documentation would surely be meaningful. I plan to
create some tutorials and the like from my experiences learning picolisp.
But this is not something coming soon, more like 'maybe next year'...

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