Hi Christophe,

> Let me explain my goal: I just want to have access at the reference as fast as
> possible. I realised that I quite always:
> 1) type «so» in the URL field of my browser,
> 2) then a familiar URL beginning with «http://software-lab.de/doc/ref» 
> appears,
> 3) I edit this URL with the initial X and the function xxx to have
> refX.html#xxx,
> 4) ENTER key,
> 5) profit.
> A process that could have less steps.
> I thought having one big page would be convenient, for use with the search
> function of my browser.

I think you'll know the function


I mostly use it directly from a shell window, with a script 'doc' in my
executable path

   #!/usr/bin/pil @lib/debug.l
   (raw T)
   (doc (opt) (opt))

It is called as

   $ doc mapcar

and directly opens the right browser window. I have 'w3m' as my default
browser, so this is blindingly fast, but any other browser works just as
well. If e.g. Firefox is already open, it connects to it and just opens
a new tab.

♪♫ Alex
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