"Loyall, David" <david.loy...@nebraska.gov>

>> From: Thorsten Jolitz
>> "Loyall, David" writes:
>> > The Internet would like to run this locally.  Would you post the
>> > verilog source and build files?  Or a link to a repository?
>> I think this has the potential to make a very nice and successfull
>> kickstarter
>> project, so why not try to build a business idea around it instead
>> of just giving
>> away the verilog source and build files?
> It's a Lisp machine.  It probably shouldn't be born crippled (with
> closed design). :)

I'm sure its technical design is not crippled at all.

> It still needs additional development, right Geo and Alex?  Many hands
> make light work.

With 'many hands' involved we would not have most amazing PicoLisp but
rather a kind of 'small common lisp', thats for sure ...

> Have you seen https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8340283 ?  Folks
> are looking for the source already.

Of course they are, but what will folks give in return?

> You can still make money on "open source" hardware.  In fact, that's a
> new trend.  https://www.google.com/search?q=open+hardware

Open-source software has been pretty much a one-way business for Alex so
far - he creates the software and gives a lot of assistence to (new)
users, but how many of them go on and press the 'donate' button on the

It would be only fair (and very beneficial for the PicoLisp project) if
there would be donations in both directions, and PilMCU looks pretty
interesting wrt this goal.


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