Good morning everyone!

Wow! thanks for all this nice feedback's, a nice way to greet a morning weekend 

Btw sorry if i cannot individually reply on each topic, but let me share my 
thoughts on this two topic that is recently on the table:
1. Kickstarter or Indigogo
2. Verilog source code availability

1. Actually this is what i suggested to Alex for we  had a customer here before 
that we produced his product from kicksarter. But from what i understand, 
inorder to register our project we need a video to show the early progress of 
the project. Its either we can make a video showing the verilog simulator 
running OR emulator in C running? but i think it would be great to show an 
actual FPGA board running the pilMCU, this option would be more attractive 
right? so my primary goal as of now is to get an FPGA board from online and 
start synthesize the code for the actual FPGA hardware. Anyone with experience 
with FPGA is welcome to provide their inputs ;)

2. This i need to discuss with Alex first. But if you ask me, actually there 
were good points shared here, but i think its still too early too release the 
code for it is still at design stage and as much as possible, me and Alex would 
like to stabilize the core first and also to have a robust kit first. If anyone 
wants to try the machine, as of the moment the best way is to run the 'emu' 
version :) but don't worry, picolisp community will surely be the first to have 
an actual hands-on once the actual hardware is ready ;)

Great weekend everyone, cheers!!


On Saturday, September 20, 2014 5:46 AM, Thorsten Jolitz <> 

Christophe Gragnic
<> writes:

> On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 10:53 PM, Loyall, David
> <> wrote:
>> If you sell a FPGA configured to be an open source Lisp CPU, I'll
>> buy a few
> Someone on Hacker News: «where's the kickstarter page? I want a few of
> those.»
> I'd buy a few too.

Thats the idea, I would say: buy the chips and support the project. Give
them time to prepare a nice kickstarter project. Enjoy the opportunity
to support a wonderful free software project to become not only a
technical but an economic success too.

You ask them to give away their most important 'capital' to the public
before even starting the business. Not a good advice, really ...



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