Hi Jerome,

> I am working on a connected watch project running on a very tiny  hardware
> (MCU running a Cortex ARM 3 from ST microelectronics). I'd like to know if
> you have experience running PicoLisp in such environment ?
> ...
> I have seen that PicoLisp may be too heavyweight in the standard
> distribution , the tiny version would be better suited for my needs but I
> am really excited by the idea to embed a database into the language.

I think so too. For a really minimalistic system, a modification of
miniPicoLisp is a good idea. In contrast to that, the PilMCU is targeted
at a more powerful system, being a 64-bit architecture and needing more
RAM and persistent storage.

If a database is needed, however, miniPicoLisp is not an option.

♪♫ Alex
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