Hi Jerome,

> Is it possible/adviseable to slim down the PicoLisp to drop all unused
> libraries (XML/JSON) to have a miniPicoLisp superset ?

This will not help much, I'm afraid. XML or JSON are separate libraries
anyway, not part of the base system.

> The system running NuttX is a 120Mhz MCU with 128Ko RAM + 1 Mo Flash
> PicoLisp reduced in size on disk (with database options) + one AMQP broker
> could be the  only components on my system and may fit the small size. Do
> you have an idea of the typical memory footprint?

Hmm, that's very tight.

Form some measurements I made some time ago: Just loading "lib.l" and a
reduced version of "lib/misc.l" takes 48 KB on startup. If you load any
runtime sources, this will quickly grow. In addition to that, you'll
also have to reserve some stack space.

This sounds rather like a task for Forth to me. Or, you might look at a
8kLisp, a predecessor of PicoLisp


The interpreter is exaclty 8 KB in size, and runs in a total memory of
64 KB. But it is written in Z80 assembly ;-)

♪♫ Alex
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