Thanks Alex for your answer.
Is it possible/adviseable to slim down the PicoLisp to drop all unused
libraries (XML/JSON) to have a miniPicoLisp superset ?
The system running NuttX is a 120Mhz MCU with 128Ko RAM + 1 Mo Flash
PicoLisp reduced in size on disk (with database options) + one AMQP broker
could be the  only components on my system and may fit the small size. Do
you have an idea of the typical memory footprint?
Thanks for your expert advices
Kind regards

On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Alexander Burger <>

> Hi Jerome,
> > I am working on a connected watch project running on a very tiny
> hardware
> > (MCU running a Cortex ARM 3 from ST microelectronics). I'd like to know
> if
> > you have experience running PicoLisp in such environment ?
> > ...
> > I have seen that PicoLisp may be too heavyweight in the standard
> > distribution , the tiny version would be better suited for my needs but I
> > am really excited by the idea to embed a database into the language.
> I think so too. For a really minimalistic system, a modification of
> miniPicoLisp is a good idea. In contrast to that, the PilMCU is targeted
> at a more powerful system, being a 64-bit architecture and needing more
> RAM and persistent storage.
> If a database is needed, however, miniPicoLisp is not an option.
> ♪♫ Alex
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