Hi Lawrence,

> I've gotten the latest picolisp, 3.1.9, and am trying to install locally.


> Following the instructions for 64-bit on my linux, I've built the
> executable picolisp all right. But the bin directory's pil seems to pick up
> the previous version I installed before from Ubuntu:

I think I know what the problem is. It may be that the wrong 'pil' is
executed, because there is another one in <installation>/bin, which is
intended for the global installation.

You need to install <installation>/pil, e.g.

   $ cd <installation>
   $ ./pil +

(the '+' at the end is recommended, to get into debug mode).

You can run it from any place, e.g. with an absolute path

   $ /path/to/my/installation/pil +

or with a relative path

   $ ../../installation/pil +

or whatever.

♪♫ Alex
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