Lawrence Bottorff writes:

No matter what I do, M-x picolisp-repl gives:

 Searching for program: no such file or directory, pil

I've set customize group thus: .. '(picolisp-picolisp-executable "/home/lawrence/opt/picoLisp/bin/picolisp") '(picolisp-pil-executable "/home/lawrence/opt/picoLisp/pil")

in a fresh install of the melpa picolisp-mode.


Could you please show the context surrounding the above settings?

Do things work if you go to the *scratch* buffer, enter:

(setq picolisp-pil-executable "/home/lawrence/opt/picoLisp/pil")

and then evaluate that with C-x C-e?

(On my system, the `pil` script is actually in /usr/bin/.)


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