Lawrence Bottorff writes:

New install. Put picoLisp in ~/opt/picoLisp/ Then I created an alias for the pil:

alias pil='~/opt/picoLisp/pil +'

This works fine from shell; starts up REPL. However emacs can't start the REPL (run-picolisp):

Searching for program: no such file or directory, pil

What can I do to make emacs see ~/opt/picoLisp/pil  ?

i'm running a manually-compiled Emacs 24.4, and i don't have any `run-picolisp` command available - what version of Emacs are you using?

In any event, you might be interested in using the `picolisp-mode` package i've started developing:

You can specify the location of the `pil` executable via the `picolisp` customize-group, or by setting the value of `picolisp-pil-executable`.


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