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> Please host the stylesheets on
> picolisp.com instead of using tracking CDN.?

I only see fonts (or infos about fonts + fonts) being retrieved from
fonts.googleapis.com, no CSS,
Although I may agree with this tracking defect, I guess retrieving
them from a CDN speeds up the page load for browsers that already have
retrieved the fonts for another website.
I'm no expert, maybe someone here can clear things up?

> Elsewhere-link at the bottom of main page
> -> why not generate here a link at random from a predefined list?
> -> like a list of links of repos/pages of picolisp-projects ? and the
> picolisp wikipedia article?

Nice idea ! I don't quite like this link pointing abruptly to
google.com too, especially for no real interesting reason.

All this said, this is great great work. Many thanks !!!



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http://delicious.com/profgraorg (liens, favoris)
http://microalg.info (langage de programmation pédagogique)
http://expressions.club/ (structure des expressions mathématiques)
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