Dear Erik,
Firstly the site looks really nice now, great look, I love it.
However I found that while using the search dialog the result is not always 
that useful.
For example you have the function maxi in the sample code.
When I search for that function in search, the result doesn't give me anything 
useful, like the definition or file it is defined in, etc...
One has to find the picolisp ref page and the search in there.
Is there a way to incorporate that so the the search dialog in the wiki could 
return the result.

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On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 8:44 AM -0700, "Erik Gustafson" 
<> wrote:

Hi List,

I'm very excited to announce that the redesigned PicoLisp
wiki is now running on the server! Have a look:
In my (slightly biased) opinion, PicoLisp has one of the 
coolest programming language websites out there now. It's 
sleek and modern and should be very accessible from any 
device. Changes to the code base were minimal (mostly 
CSS), so it still works great with text-based browsers 
as well.

But don't let the new paint job fool you. The wiki has 
much more to offer! I spent a lot of time going through 
the mail archives, finding the most helpful threads and 
turning them into new articles. I've tried to organize
the documentation to be most helpful to newcomers, to 
set them on a clear path from beginner to lisp wizard.

I'd love any feedback. How's the design feel? The copy? 
I tried my best to incorporate all the feedback I got 
from the initial homepage mockup I posted a few months 

Note that there are still some rough spots in some of 
the articles/pages. I plan to fill that out in the 
coming weeks and continue to refine the content, 
hopefully with your help! As such, please hold off on
posting to Reddit, HN, etc. for a bit. And if there is 
anything that seems to be missing, or you'd like to find 
a spot for something you've been working, let me know.

So thanks to all of you for the great discussion over 
the years! It's been a lot fun and I've learned a ton.
Finally, many thanks to Alex, not only for helping me
better understand the wiki and put it back together, 
but for PicoLisp in general.

Cheers y'all,

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