On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 03:46:06PM -0400, cat stevens wrote:
> > This is an error from the BIOS (Was this also Qemu?).
> Yes, that was Qemu. Here's a screenshot <http://imgur.com/5bCRrVF.png>.
> It comes after the "Loading PilOS" text, and I found the string constant
> "READ ERROR 00" in the image binary (at 0xBF), so I thought that was PilOS.

Correct. PilOS prints this message after the $0x42 BIOS call (Extended
Read Sectors) returned an error (Carry bit set).

> I was kinda looking forward to having a Lisp OS on bare metal, but maybe
> this is why there aren't that many. :P

Until now we know that it works on

   - Acer TavelMate P-253E (mine)
   - Acer Aspire One 722 (Mattias Sundblad)

Perhaps you can try to find one of these second-hand?

♪♫ Alex
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