Hi Alex,

I'm very excited about your announcement, so I tried it out immediately :-)

Installation via Google Play worked without problems after searching for de.software_lab.pilbox

Pilbox starts as documented in the wiki and repl eval works for e.g. '(version)' and '$ pwd'

Unfortunately I had no luck so far to 'pass the zip to the Pilbox kernel' - tried it out with the provided hello.zip and calc.zip.

In the wiki there is written
When the PilBox kernel starts, it scans all top-level directories for other files named "App.l".


What is ment by 'all top-level directories'?

Where do I have to place the zip files?
I tried the termux-share example and tried a download via Fireforx in default Downloads directory, but without success.

Pilbox kernel does start up with the empty list.

I think it is a problem with file sharing permissons on my tablet - will look into that later, after work - , but if I would only have to put the files on a special folder or sth linke that, any hint is welcome :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this,


On 18.09.2017 14:56, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi all,

finally, an official version of PilBox is out - and a Wiki article:


PilBox ("PicoLisp Box") is a generic Android App which allows to write Apps in
pure PicoLisp, without touching Java, and without the need of an Android SDK.

You can get the App (the "PilBox kernel") in Google Play store:


or - if you prefer - download it directly from:


Example Apps are:


If you want to modify the kernel, the sources and build instructions in a README
are at:


I hope it is useful!

♪♫ Alex

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