On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 10:16:19AM +0000, Alexander Williams wrote:
> Also note, I had to "force stop" PilBox for the calculator to appear,
> otherwise I get "Not Found" page (404?).

That's right. The ZIP archive is only extracted on start of the App. I'm not
sure at the moment where the "Not Found" comes from.

To stop PilBox, it is best to swipe it out of the context menu.

Note also that Android generally terminates the PilBox Server if idle for some
time. This is normal Android policy (perhaps this had happened in your case?).

If your app needs to stay active, you can insert

   (startForeground "MyApp" "Service active")

The two strings will appear in a notification in the status bar as long as the
App is running in the foreground.

And, if needed, you may set a WakeLock with

   (wake T)

The best place for these two expressions is in the 'once' part (as e.g. found in
the Demo App in "demo/App.l").

♪♫ Alex

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