short update:

on dtek50/Android 6.01 Pilbox works as expected, I think (though I did not go through all demo buttons).

Don't know, why this did not work yesterday, possibly a system update was interfering while trying Pilbox. I did not change anything, just after restart of the mobile, the Pilbox worked as expected.

On sm-t719/android 7.0 I see no chance to share (german ui: 'senden') the zip file to Pilbox because Pilbox is not listed in the 'shares' (german ui: 'Freigabe') dialog box, as other Apps like Termux, TotalCommander and others do.

Hopefully other users may report successfull runs of Pilbox on Android7.

Or is it possible, that the Android way of handling files differs from former releases to version 7 ?

By the way, nice hint of Pilbox when running on SM-T705/Android 5.0.2 :-)
(which is armv7, while armv8 is required by the App)

Back to the working Pilbox App:

it is - like always when dealing with picolisp - again amazing how to build functional screens with such few lines of code, as shown in the .l files of demo.zip.

Thank you again, Alex, for continously bringing picolisp into new areas of use.

Greetings, Olaf

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