Hi Olaf,

> But no luck so far.

Hmm, too bad!

For me it worked without problems in both ways (via "Downloads" as well as
'termux-share'). How is the experience of others here?

> I'm using a SM-T719 tablet, which some day got the update to android 7
> (german language) and I do not have any clue how to use it beyond 'open
> termux and do command line things' and 'open browser and do web view things'
> :-)

That should be enough ;)

> Storage permissions, though, I granted before :-)


> It looks like I'm not able to share (senden (??) in german) 'the downloaded
> zip file' to the Pilbox app, because Pilbox App is not offered as target of
> that file action.
> The dialog box Shares (german "Freigabe" is shown) offers Termux,
> TotalCommander, Bluetooth, Email, Wi-Fi Direct and others, but no Pilbox.

Strange. The PilBox App should register itself as a candidate for ZIP archives,
due to the line

   <data android:scheme="content" android:mimeType="application/zip" />

in the AndroidManifest.xml file. I don't know what else I could do.

> Little progress is shown on my dtek50 blackberry with android 6.0.1:
>  + installed apk directly from your website,
>  + granted storage+location permissions,
>  + downloaded via firefox the zip files from your website
>  + opened the 'Downloads' app (on bb/android 6.0.1 there is one, on
> sm-t719/android 7.0 there was 'Eigene Dateien')
>  + tap on one of the zip entries
> ==> voila: start screen of Pilbox shows the buttons to launch the
> application
> so this is nearer to what's expected than on the other device/android
> combination


> But all three tapped buttons result in a "Not Found" page - looks like this
> comes from the Pilbox local app server(?).

Hmm, perhaps you can take a look into the log file. There should be an error
message. PilBox always keeps the current and previous log file, so you could do

   $ cat log

or, if you meanwhile started a new PilBox session,

   $ cat log-

> My GT-I9100 with android 4.1.2 (CyanogenMod I think) is too old to be
> supported by Pilbox, I guess.

Right, it needs at least 5.0

> By the way, the Settings screen of the bb/android_6 Pilbox lists the PILs as
> PIL-377 PIL-378 .... not as PIL-calc or PIL-hello as shown in the wiki
> article

This is correct. The Download App does not pass the name but a number, so PilBox
never sees "hello.zip". 'termux-share' does.

This is the reason why I prepended "PIL-" to the names instead of simply looking
for "*.zip".

♪♫ Alex

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