> I suggest a copyright notice such as:
> Copyright <year> PIDA Authors (see AUTHORS).
A project needs to have a single copyright holder across every piece of
code to have the freedom to take decisions.

If "AUTHORS" are the copyright holders of your code, you will have to
contact each of them before taking any legal decision, and that is BAD
and can even kill your project, your pets and get your children in
drugs. BAD BAD BAD.

Please take a time to read
http://www.softwarefreedom.org/resources/2008/foss-primer.html which
talks about these issues.

It's perfect to get credits, but that goes on the README... where you
can state who do we owe most of the work on this or that area. and give
thanks to other contributors.

But the copyright holder shall be one. And everyone has to explicitly
give that "one" the copyrights over the lines he authored.

Better sooner than later, and please don't forget Author != Copyright

Alejandro Mery
Just a happy pida user

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