On 7 Okt., 12:09, Ali Afshar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I am becoming a bit distressed with the individual copyrights and
> licenses in the PIDA source.
> Now I propose that everyone donates their entire codes to All the PIDA
> authors. Ie everyone in AUTHORS file.
> I suggest a copyright notice such as:
> Copyright <year> PIDA Authors (see AUTHORS).
> The reason for this is that we don't want to get into trouble like
> Mercurial have, where they cannot change their license because they
> cannot contact all individual copyright holders. We need to maintain a
> centralized level of control.
The main trouble is, they kept it explicitly incompatible with the
Thats why i'm for selecting a desirable licensing line (either gpl2 or

Then we decide on the "or any later version" clause and end up with
endless forward compatibility due the automated re-licensing.
to be sure no-one messes with our license all code that goes back into
Pida must have exactly this license.

> In part, this is mostly my fault for letting it happen as developers
> come and go. So, if anyone has strong disagreement with this happening
> to their code, please let me know, and we will come to an arrangement.
I don't like the centralizing of control,
however we should make a centralized agreement on licensing and future

It should be something clear, "simple" and _final_.

Regards Ronny
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