RonnyPfannschmidt wrote:
> On 7 Okt., 12:09, Ali Afshar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I am becoming a bit distressed with the individual copyrights and
>> licenses in the PIDA source.
>> Now I propose that everyone donates their entire codes to All the PIDA
>> authors. Ie everyone in AUTHORS file.
>> I suggest a copyright notice such as:
>> Copyright <year> PIDA Authors (see AUTHORS).
>> The reason for this is that we don't want to get into trouble like
>> Mercurial have, where they cannot change their license because they
>> cannot contact all individual copyright holders. We need to maintain a
>> centralized level of control.
> The main trouble is, they kept it explicitly incompatible with the
> future.
> Thats why i'm for selecting a desirable licensing line (either gpl2 or
> lgpl2)
> Then we decide on the "or any later version" clause and end up with
> endless forward compatibility due the automated re-licensing.
> to be sure no-one messes with our license all code that goes back into
> Pida must have exactly this license.
>> In part, this is mostly my fault for letting it happen as developers
>> come and go. So, if anyone has strong disagreement with this happening
>> to their code, please let me know, and we will come to an arrangement.
> I don't like the centralizing of control,
> however we should make a centralized agreement on licensing and future
> support.
> It should be something clear, "simple" and _final_.
Right, I agree. But "Any later version" is not good enough. Maybe we 
change license altogether. That decision needs to be able to be made by 
whoever developers are around at the time. You are too new to PIDA to 
remember, but developers have come and gone. Already we have broken 
their copyright by changing to GPL. That's pretty bad, and I wish to 
ensure that it *never* happens again.

So the final solution will be a single copyright holder. Either that is 
myself, or it is a group of people who are known in AUTHORS.

All I want to do is ensure the future safety of the project that I have 
given half my life to for the last few years. I am sure you can 
understand that.


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