well I won't quote everything, but I mostly agree with Alejandro. With a
little differences.

On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 14:31 +0200, Alejandro Mery wrote:
> It's perfect to get credits, but that goes on the README... where you
> can state who do we owe most of the work on this or that area. and give
> thanks to other contributors.

I don't think you should give credits in the README file for this or
that. The AUTHORS file is there for that purpose.

> But the copyright holder shall be one. And everyone has to explicitly
> give that "one" the copyrights over the lines he authored.

That's where I agree. As said Ali, it's a "benevolent dictatorship".
Then, Ali should be given the title of "Project manager" or something in
that taste in the AUTHORS file (whereas the others just have their
names, and why not, what they contributed). And in the LICENCE file (or
in licence headers in codes) add "all developer contributing code to
pida give their right of choosing the licence to current's pIDA's
Project Manager".

> Better sooner than later, and please don't forget Author != Copyright
> holder.

Exactly, that's THE point, even though it's not said correctly. Every
author is de facto a Copyright holder. But they can give many of their
rights, like the right of using, modifying, licensing etc... There's
one right that shouldn't be given (and can't in some countries): it's
the ownership.


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