Whats the difference between move and rename ?

push/pull is supposed to be part of the history interface, i will
remove it from the workdir stuff soon

i think we need a "update to latest revision" function
thats pull history + update workdir on dvcs's and just update on
centralized vcs's

All common dbcs should work semilar
as pull/push is an easy abstraction of local repo/branch file path +
remote repo/branch path + revision identifier

i didnt yet get around specifying a history interface (its necessary
for sane update/pull/push/checkout support)
i'll take most ideas from http://vci.everythingsolved.com/ and try to
get something pythonic by saturday

monotone is a hard exception we should *NOT* initially support as pull/
push/sync is based on uni/bidirctional sync of n branches between 2

btw, the options-refactor branch is going to be merged to main and
there was much change in anyvc to make the upcoming history interface
more easy to keep nice and separate.


On 6 Nov., 12:57, Javier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a couple of more questions, well, actually just one :)
> I need to implement this functions('move', 'pull', 'push', 'rename'
> and 'status').
> They don't have a gui yet, so i probably need to put my hands on that
> too.
> I need to have them (and some other functions more) in order to keep
> track with my roadmap.
> I will add those functions and necessary GUI to bzr and pida in order
> to make them work and then send patches the pida devs, is that ok?
> Javier
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