On Nov 6, 10:38 am, RonnyPfannschmidt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi,
> Whats the difference between move and rename ?
I think none.
> push/pull is supposed to be part of the history interface, i will
> remove it from the workdir stuff soon
Let me know when you do it, please.

Also, since i have a very specific roadmap I think I'll be working
more in "bzr-pida" as a plugin than as part of anyvc. And while anyvc
grows I'll be migrating functions from the plugin to anyvc, because
otherwise I think I'll get very late for my releases.

Anyway, this weekend I'll prepare and send a doc with the things I
think I need in anyvc, and some stuff to extend it. Based on that,
with pida's community input I'll be able to figure out what can we
extend from anyvc and what I have to code inside the plugin.

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