Milind A Bhandarkar wrote:

Since zebra.jar is not included in pig.jar (I hope not), I can still use
stable zebra jar (binary) with latest pig compiled in trunk.

The problem is that though the current version is "expected to be" stable, it would still require some bug fixes. We essentially need to maintain another branch (official or a private git) to provide version 0.1 jar with critical bug fixes.

In that sense, would it be better if we created a "zebra-v1" branch and commit the new features to trunk? May be for regular users we can create Pig.jar and zebra.jar from different lines.


Also, build failure in zebra need not impact pig release, since the other
contrib, i.e. Piggybank is also "build-optional".

I think that creating a branch results in too many changes on that branch
before a mainline merge happens. Each of the feature additions you mention
would be very highly desirable even in the absence of others.

Just my 2 non-binding cents.

- milind

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