I think we are creating unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles here by preventing
contrib project from having a branch. I don't see why zebra has to use pig
release branch, as the new pig release does not include it.

The decisions are supposed to help keeping things open, but this seems to be
forcing Raghu to keep things in private git .


On 8/18/09 10:56 AM, "Raghu Angadi" <rang...@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

> Right. I just noticed the mails on Pig.0.4.0. I joined pig-dev list just
> yesterday. waiting for 0.4.0 might be good enough if it is just a couple
> of weeks. will keep a watch on it.
> I think we will wait for a few days and attach any new feature patches
> to jiras. Those patches can certainly wait there. For interdependencies
> of the patches, we might maintain a private git.
> Raghu.
> Santhosh Srinivasan wrote:
>> I would recommend that zebra wait for Pig 0.4.0 (a couple of weeks?). A
>> branch will be created for the 0.4.0 release and zebra will
>> automatically benefit.
>> Santhosh

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