Package: grass
Version: 6.4.0~rc5-3
Severity: normal


I run grass in gui mode. I select an empty "GIS data Directory"
(i create it before). And i click on <Projection values> button
and i get this error :

If you wish to resize the X monitor, do so now. Window size is
locked while interactive modules are running.

/usr/lib/grass64/etc/set_data: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Would you please check what's your (and subdirs) contents?
At least with current grass in sid it works perfectly.
Yes grass works fine in sid.

In my student config (debian lenny) the file /etc/
is missing. Now i add it, reboot and all is fine with grass.
I don't know why this file is missing ...

echo "/usr/lib/grass64/lib" > /etc/
and reboot

Thank you Francesco,


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