Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille wrote:
> > IMHO that's for two reasons: /usr/lib/debian-med/bin/gmt doesn't need
> > a man page from a policy point of view, only
> > /usr/bin/genome-model-tools does. And then there is a never to be
> > found man page under /usr/lib. (A man page under /usr/lib? Come on!
> > That's an FHS violation. Or rather was until Debian weakend it for the
> > systemd guys.)
> Hmmm, from an FHS point of view you are correct.  However, the manpage
> is currently found since not only PATH but also MANPATH is prepended so
> a user will find the according manpage to the first gmt in the PATH.
> > Further there is a change in debian/control which is not mentioned in
> > the changelog entry nor seems to be related to the rest of the commit:
> > A line "Recommends: med-config (>= 2.1)" has been added. Please add at
> > least an according changelog entry for that or remove it again (if it
> > was committed accidentially).
> It is one part of the change since it supports the PATH change in the
> simple way but I now mentioned it explicitly.

Ok, there indeed seems quite some debian-med magic in this patch of
which I wasn't not aware of. That magic currently sounds rather scary
to me, but this bug report is not the place to discuss this.

So thanks for the fixing the other minor issues I mentioned.

                Regards, Axel
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