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Hi Bas,

thanks for looking into these issues.

On 2015-07-03 22:11, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>>* libgenome-perl

Solved :-)

>> * libpsl-dev
> To resolve the conflict I'm considering renaming the GMT libpsl to
> libgmt-psl.

Sounds reasonable, temporary Conflicts is fine.
I was about to reopen since that somehow didn't work and -1~exp6 didn't
mention anything about it ... but then I saw a typo correcting git
commit :-) so let's see how -1~exp6 does.

>> * turnin-ng
>> * pslib-dev
> These man page issues should be resolved with the Conflicts that were
> added in gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp5).

Adding Conflicts against random packages should only be a temporary
measure and needs to be resolved cleanly by some renaming, too.
In my interpretation of the policy the "Two different packages must not
install programs with different functionality but with the same
filenames." can be extended to manpages easily: "Two different packages
must not install manpages describing different things but with the same
(Why should anyone be prevented from starting a project using both
libgmt-dev and pslib-dev (and maybe even libpsl-dev)? Disclaimer: I
don't know anything about either of these packages ;-) )

BTW, why is there no file conflict on a "/usr/bin/project" (or similar)
binary with turnin-ng? If one package is missing such a binary, there is
no need for a corresponding manpage in section 1.


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