Hi Axel,

On Sun, Jul 05, 2015 at 03:00:06PM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> > It is one part of the change since it supports the PATH change in the
> > simple way but I now mentioned it explicitly.
> Ok, there indeed seems quite some debian-med magic in this patch of
> which I wasn't not aware of.

I admit the MANPATH change is not (yet documented) in the Blends

> That magic currently sounds rather scary to me

As long as you do not create ${HOME}/.blends nothing will happen to you
- so I hope this will not scare you to much.

> but this bug report is not the place to discuss this.

Yes, that's true since it is too much hidden.  I would consider
debian-ble...@lists.debian.org the proper place to discuss.  Would you
mind joining there or would you suggest a better place?  Currently the
trick is used only in three packages and it might be better to fix
things soon before we need to change more things later.
> So thanks for the fixing the other minor issues I mentioned.

I actually asked to get hints what might be worth fixing - so for sure
I did this.

I think I wait with an upload of the package whether there might be a
chance for a quick consensus about the MANPATH location.  To do so I'll
document the current status and will trigger the discussion either on
debian-blends@l.d.o + Axel in CC or any other place Axel might suggest. 

Kind regards



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