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On 12-06-14 at 10:37am, Andres Rodriguez wrote:
> So, in order [for Ubuntu] to not differ with Debian, we were wondering 
> a few things:
> 1. Would it make sense to include versions in the installation paths? 
> (i.e. /usr/share/javascript/yui/2.8.2/*.js , 
> /usr/share/javascript/yui/3.5.1/*.js)
> 2. According to the YUI loader, the root path to be prep-ended to the 
> combo service is "<version>/build". For this reason, it also makes 
> sense for us to be using versioned installation paths.
> All of the above would mean a few things:
> 1. Adjusting current package to contain major versions (at least in 
> the binary package)
> 2. Upload a new source package for any major version (i.e. 3.5.X)
> Given that we don't want to differ from Debian, and try to stick with 
> the policy, we were wondering what are your thoughts about this?

First of all: I strongly recommend that you join the Debian JavaScript 
team and treat Ubuntu as downstream of Debian.  Maybe that's what you 
intend already, but that is not clear from above.

It is my impression that upstream JavaScript projects only seldom deal 
with stable APIs.  It generally makes little sense to second-guess API 
promises from version numbers.  Only when explicitly promised upstream 
(like I seem to recall is the case for YUI in particular) it makes 
sense.  And then it makes sense to track the part promised to be 
backwards-compatible (i.e. commonly either major number or a separate 
number, not the full version).

Also, it probably is sufficient to introduce API versioning when 
multiple APIs are needed by applications.

So all in all, I suggest to a) handle it on a case-by-case manner i.e. 
right now only specifically look at YUI (not draw general conclusions 
from that), b) leave current YUI packaging as-is and only introduce API 
subdir for the upcoming backwards-incompatible package, c) check 
upstream what promises they make about stability of their API and use 
that for the API subdir naming (and for package name).

How does that sound?

 - Jonas

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