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Hi all,
As previously discussed, I have made changes to the YUI 2.8 package in order
to be able to provide a different, versioned installation path, allowing
different YUI library versions to be installed in the system.

This way, it will allow us to have a 'yui3.5' source package in Debian, that
will co-habitate with the 'yui' source package (currently shipping 2.8)

Once a yui3.5 is uploaded, the transitional package should be dropped from
the yui, and added in yui3.5.

Please, find attached a diff.


Were you aware that there is already a yui3 package in progress? In fact it is already in the pkg-javascript git repository.[1] Coincidentally today I was updating it to 3.5.1.[2] I am also going to update yui to 2.9.0. The problem is that I am trying to do five different things in Debian at once and dropping the ball on all of them. Sorry about that.

Anyway concerning the package. If you take a look you'll see I took a different approach. IMO there is no point in packaging every minor version separately. I don't think many users are going to be using e.g. multiple 2.x versions at the same time. However 2.x and 3.x could be used side by side and they are different enough that they should be separate packages.

At the moment the yui3 package is not building due to binary files in the source which should easy though a little tedious to fix if you would care to take a look. No doubt there are other problems too. I would be happy to have you as a co-maintainer or even to take over maintainence if you wish. I can sponsor you if you cannot upload to Debian.

Another problem that must be addressed is that there are a few flash files that we have to compile from source to comply with the DFSG. (And a couple which do not have source which must be deleted.) The trouble is when I last looked at the situation, the files did not compile with the available free flash compilers. So the alternatives are:

1. See if the free compilers such as mtasc have improved.

2. package Adobe Flex[3]

3. Drop them from the package.

4. Move yui and yui3 to contrib.

[1] git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-javascript/yui3.git

[2] There is also a 3.6.0 pre-release but I thought I'd stick with the stable version.

[3] Also a work in progress: see git+ssh://@git.debian.org/git/pkg-flex-sdk/pkg-flex-sdk.git

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jald...@debian.org>

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