Pirate Praveen:
> On വ്യാഴം 05 ജനുവരി 2017 10:20 വൈകു, Ximin Luo wrote:
>> Let's please talk about the specifics of this situation rather than 
>> appealing to vague notions of being welcoming.
> This is completely arbitrary restriction. I was thinking we evaluate
> people based on what they have done, rather than when and where they
> have done it. I don't agree with this notion.
>> It's my experience that events like these do not generally result in 
>> long-term maintainers. Yes, I am indeed treating them as "inactive" before 
>> they have already joined, based on what I have seen of related events. So I 
>> propose some reasonable checks, to ensure that we get people who are 
>> interested. I disagree that this attitude is flawed.
> This is pure prejudice based on your personal experience. We should not
> be basing our standards based on personal prejudice and paint a large
> number of people with same color.
>> I didn't propose a similar check for previous incoming contributors because 
>> they did not have a background context of a mass-join event. So it does not 
>> make sense to compare these two situations.
> Arbitrary and discriminatory.

Being a maintainer is about more than doing one small thing. Considering when 
and where they have done it is completely appropriate, and it is completely 
right and fair of me to take into account my own personal experience and 
background context about these types of events.

Pirate Praveen:
> All debian processes has been about advocacy and decision by people who
> have worked with new people. It was never about people who are unaware
> about the contributions. In this case, being the person who has worked
> close with them, I should have been the right person to decide. But it
> seems people who are totally uninformed wants to decide and just want to
> use their personal prejudice as the single deciding factor. [..]

Yes, I have less information than you do. How about instead of accusing me of 
being "discriminatory" and judging without information, you provide us with 
more information? You haven't mentioned who these people are in any amount of 
detail, all you said is that they are some students attending an event run by 
you - ironically painting a large number of people with the same color, 
yourself! Tell us some stories about who each of these individuals are!

> [..] I do not see
> this as sustainable and I will not approve any more requests in this
> team. if we, as a team are unable to follow the processes in line with
> the debian philosophy and spirit, I will remove myself as an admin from
> this team.
> I will not import any of these repos to alioth. Someone who relish
> authority and elitism has to do the extra work.

Get your head out of your own ass, and stop acting like you're a victim here. 
You keep talking about the Debian "philosophy and spirit"; spamming 10 people 
into a group with requests like "I want to package, give me access" is NOT 
that. This does not help anyone trust anyone. Being cautious about these types 
of actions, is not authority or elitism.


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