Jonas Smedegaard:
> Quoting Ximin Luo (2017-01-06 11:54:00)
>> Jonas Smedegaard:
>>>>> [..] I do not see this as sustainable and I will not approve any 
>>>>> more requests in this team. if we, as a team are unable to follow 
>>>>> the processes in line with the debian philosophy and spirit, I will 
>>>>> remove myself as an admin from this team.
>>>>> I will not import any of these repos to alioth. Someone who relish 
>>>>> authority and elitism has to do the extra work.
>>> I wish you wouldn't give in like that, but understand your reasoning 
>>> (and appreciate that you didn't take even worse action!).
>>>> Get your head out of your own ass, and stop acting like you're a 
>>>> victim here.
>>> Go wash your mouth, and step back from your high horse: You are *not* 
>>> the boss around here (noone is), and you have no right to dictate 
>>> newly invented rules nor point fingers at peer team members choosing 
>>> to disagree with them!
>> I'm neither on a high-horse nor being "the boss" around here. I'm 
>> simply pointing out the insane level of hypocrisy being directed at 
>> me.
>> When I disagree with something being done that affects the whole team, 
>> I'm "dictating newly-invented rules", but when you and Praveen 
>> disagree with something, it's "being welcoming"? No, this is bullshit, 
>> and I won't apologoise for calling it bullshit nor stop calling it 
>> bullshit. Your actions have an effect on everyone, this is not about 
>> being welcoming; get off *your* high horse.
> Oh, you find your own attitude and language fine, and mine problematic.  
> Thanks for sharing.
> I already┬╣ described my opinion on how this team should treat newcomers, 
> and I (still) welcome everyone on this list to share your opinion on the 
> matter.
> Based on that input, I will consider if I personally want to continue as 
> member of this team.

*eyeroll* Oh well fine, I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I *also* want to 
consider personally if I want to remain on this team. Can't even have a 
discussion about how we should deal with mass-join events without being accused 
of being a dictator.

+1 to opinions and input from more people.

Finally, let me try to sort out the mess. Firstly, I am sorry that I was too 
heavy in my first post. I did not mean to imply that I think these people 
should *never* join the team, or suggest that I was rigid about the "package a 
second package etc" condition. I tried to explain this later, hopefully I am 
more clear here.

Secondly, there was no need to immediately go create separate repos, Praveen 
your students could have waited a while. However, it should be easy to just 
script the creation of these extra repos via the ./setup-repository script that 
we already have. They will each have to register their SSH keys manually, but 
they had to do that in any case. I don't think there is too much extra work 
adding a second git remote and pushing to it.

Thirdly, you talk about about welcoming new contributors, but there are 
existing people on the team to consider as well. It's always easier to 
accommodate new people one-by-one and get to know them, if they join slowly. If 
lots of people join at once, it's reasonable to ask that they do things 
slightly differently, to give the existing team members some time to adjust. 
Obviously nobody would think of autojoining 1000 people at once, everyone has 
some idea of what is "reasonable"; this is not "dictating" who can or can't 
join. Others have voiced opinions along these lines too already, similar but 
different from the suggestions I made. I welcome people to expand on these in 
more detail, and hopefully it'll come across less forceful than my attempts.


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