On 28/01/17 18:44, Pirate Praveen wrote:
On ശനി 28 ജനുവരി 2017 10:21 വൈകു, Ross Gammon wrote:
I was disappointed with this too. I think we should be encouraging
newcomers to place their packaging in the standard place, so we can help
them when required. The last thing we want is node-*/js packaging being
done in a different way, in a different place.

If I had a list of Alioth logins, I would be happy to help adding them
to the team. We need more help here!
Tushar Agey (tush-guest) requested membership today, you can start with
him. I'll ask each of them to apply again when they are ready to upload
a second package. For now, someone needs to import all the packages
accepted by ftp masters (filter mail by ACCEPTED) so the duplication can
be avoided until npm2deb is fixed to look in experimental too.

Somebody had already added Tushar to the team. Welcome Tushar!

I have pushed all the recent packages uploaded to experimental to alioth. I did notice some of them did not have a complete set of tags, and I did not check if the repository URI matches the link in debian/control. This should be checked before the next upload. But at least npm2deb should find the repositories & help avoid duplicated effort.



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