Jonas Smedegaard:
>>> [..] I do not see this as sustainable and I will not approve any more 
>>> requests in this team. if we, as a team are unable to follow the 
>>> processes in line with the debian philosophy and spirit, I will 
>>> remove myself as an admin from this team.
>>> I will not import any of these repos to alioth. Someone who relish 
>>> authority and elitism has to do the extra work.
> I wish you wouldn't give in like that, but understand your reasoning 
> (and appreciate that you didn't take even worse action!).
>> Get your head out of your own ass, and stop acting like you're a 
>> victim here.
> Go wash your mouth, and step back from your high horse: You are *not* 
> the boss around here (noone is), and you have no right to dictate newly 
> invented rules nor point fingers at peer team members choosing to 
> disagree with them!

I'm neither on a high-horse nor being "the boss" around here. I'm simply 
pointing out the insane level of hypocrisy being directed at me.

When I disagree with something being done that affects the whole team, I'm 
"dictating newly-invented rules", but when you and Praveen disagree with 
something, it's "being welcoming"? No, this is bullshit, and I won't apologoise 
for calling it bullshit nor stop calling it bullshit. Your actions have an 
effect on everyone, this is not about being welcoming; get off *your* high 


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