Hi Pirate,

On 01/27/2017 10:02 AM, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> Thanks to a bug in npm2deb search which does not look in experimental
> and our excellent on boarding practices which prefers keeping new git
> repos out of team repo in alioth, people are duplicating work, packaging
> already packaged node modules (node-timed-out and node-cli-spinners
> already, I expect more duplication). I don't see the same level of
> enthusiasm to import those repos to alioth (I'm not going to do it as I
> strongly disagree with the unilateral decision of rejecting their alioth
> requests based on one person's prejudice, it is also unnecessary extra
> work for the team, those who advocated this setup should be willing to
> take the extra work).

I was disappointed with this too. I think we should be encouraging
newcomers to place their packaging in the standard place, so we can help
them when required. The last thing we want is node-*/js packaging being
done in a different way, in a different place.

If I had a list of Alioth logins, I would be happy to help adding them
to the team. We need more help here!

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