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Quoting Sven Giermann (2017-03-17 09:25:14)
> I have a small armel board (armv5tel), currently running emDebian Grip 
> 7.1 (wheezy) for Home Automation. Because it's time to change to a 
> newer distribution, I was facing 'stretch' - but... I need NodeJS!
> As everybody may know, the required v8 dropped support for armel some 
> years ago, you may read bug #818552 [1] for some background.

Could you please elaborate on the "time to change to newer distribution" 

If reason for the change is improved security support, then it seems you 
are somewhat defeating that by running (exposed to the network, I guess) 
code which no longer receives security updates.

If reason for the change is new features, then it might be far easier to 
identify which features you really want and look into possibilities of 
backporing only those to your older-but-working system.

Feel free to ignore my comments that are sure sidestepping your question 
- I will leave it to others better qualified to try adddress those.

NB! Please, if you haven't yet, subscribe to the list or mention 
explicitly in each of your posts if not and you want to be cc'ed on 
replies: Normal for Debian lists (which I didn't follow in this post) is 
to only reply to list.

I wish you continued joy tinkering with tiny devices,

 - Jonas

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