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> 2017-03-17 11:22 GMT+01:00 Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>:
>> How about fresh install of _Debian_ wheezy (not Emdebian wheezy)?
> That's my main problem:
> I am unable to install wheezy or jessie, passing all tests supplied 
> with the source package!

My point is: How about _not_ rebuild (backport or forwardport) Nodejs 
package at all, but instead rebase system ("side-grade" - or rather 
reinstall) from unmaintained Emdebian to LTS-team-maintained Debian.

> I was trying to stress that on my initial post, only writing the 
> initial intent for better understanding.

I understand that your initial post was about forward-porting nodejs - 
i.e. rebuilding an older nodejs package on a newer Debian.

I did not address your question, but side-stepped it by questioning the 
_premise_ for your question - that it is "time to change to newer 
distribution" - and consequently explore a _different_ and likely far 
less complex path not involving package recompilation.

Perfectly fine if what you want to do is recompile Nodejs.  You need not 
defend your premise, I only questioned it in case your limited scope was 

[details on rebuilding Nodejs snipped - left for others to discuss]

>> Depending on your needs (is brand recognition a need for you?), I 
>> recommend you to consider the OSHW boards from Olimex.
> I'm fine with everything that does not cost to much and is easy to 
> purchase.
> Is anyone able to pass all nodejs build tests on that platform?

Yes: LIME2 is an armhf device, and all tests enabled in the Debian 
packaging of Nodejs passes for armhf, if that is what you mean.  Status 
for archs succeeding build (including testsuite) is here: 

I believe the full _upstream_ testsuite does not succeed on _any_ Debian 
arch.  But Jéremy knows more intimately about that.

 - Jonas

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