Quoting Sven Giermann (2017-03-17 10:21:00)
> Jonas,
> thanks for your quick reply and the interest in my "problem". :-)
> 2017-03-17 9:47 GMT+01:00 Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>:
> > Could you please elaborate on the "time to change to newer 
> > distribution" part?
> >
> > If reason for the change is improved security support, then it seems 
> > you are somewhat defeating that by running (exposed to the network, 
> > I guess) code which no longer receives security updates.
> >
> Yes, I'm well aware of that. But until now, it's only exposed to my 
> LAN. The reason for looking at newer distributions is the need for a 
> clean reinstallation after trying different packages on my production 
> system, I don't need any more. I'd like to renew my installation from 
> scratch, which (of course) could still be done with emDebian wheezy, 
> but I'm not sure how long the mirrors will still be active. Yes, I 
> might archive a pure base installation - but I'd feel more comfortable 
> with a supported distribution, keeping only NodeJS in an unsupported 
> state.

How about fresh install of _Debian_ wheezy (not Emdebian wheezy)?

That will receive limited support - not by Debian itself but from the 
"LTS team" - until mid 2018: https://www.debian.org/releases/wheezy/ - 
giving you more than a year to explore the range of armhf boards to 
replace your setup.

Even if nodejs is not covered by the limited support by LTS team, you 
could include that package from the unsupported archive of wheezy.

> Apart from that, I fear that even wheezy's backport of v0.10.29 does 
> not pass all tests, so I started to focus on the current stable 
> distribution (jessie). But as this fails to build 'test-simple', I 
> wanted to get some support from others who know, what they are 
> doing...
> Further, there are many more components like OWFS and EBUSD running on 
> that system - which I'd like to keep more current.

Would it be an option for you to backport those parts (as opposed to 
forward-port Nodejs which I fear is quite more complex)?

> Last but not least, the most obvious solution would be to retire my 
> armel device and get a standard Raspberry Pi or similiar - but I get 
> comparable test failures on stable (jessie) running armhf, too.
> So I thought, it's time to shed some light on this...

Raspberry Pi is arguably _popular_ but certainly not a standard.

Depending on your needs (is brand recognition a need for you?), I 
recommend you to consider the OSHW boards from Olimex.

> > NB! Please, if you haven't yet, subscribe to the list or mention 
> > explicitly in each of your posts if not and you want to be cc'ed on 
> > replies: Normal for Debian lists (which I didn't follow in this 
> > post) is to only reply to list.
> >
> You're right - my fault. I first posted to the group without 
> subscribing, cancelled the request and posted again after subscribing!

You misunderstand: It is *not* wrong to post without subscribing.  Your 
previous post was *not* rejected, only postponed for manual screening to 
avoid spam (and, it seems, withdrawn by yourself before anyone got 
around to do that screening).

My point above was independent from yourt held-back post: Just a warning 
that you might miss _responses_ from others due to our posting style.


 - Jonas

P.S. I am listmaster for this list but only noticed _after_ my initial 
response that you had attempted to post and had subscribed to the list).

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