On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 10:18:07AM +0200, Valerio Passini wrote:
> Package: ktorrent
> Version: 2.2.7.dfsg.1-1
> Severity: minor
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> Dear Developers,
> the latest version of ktorrent requires a large portion of kde4 to be 
> installed, since kde4 is still in experimental I'm questioning the 
> opportunity of having ktorrent in unstable so that if I enter
> apt-get dist-upgrade
> as usual there is the upgrading from kdebase-bin-kde3 to 
> kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 and many other packages in addition. Personally, I'm 
> foolishly scared of having a mixed kde3/kde4 environment. Sorry for bothering 
> you, maybe it's just paranoia.

ktorrent of kde3 have been renamed ktorrent2.2, there is already part of KDE 4
in unstable (and even testing!), that are perfeclty installable along with
your KDE 3 system without breaking anything (or that we home :D). It is not 
full KDE 4, just the libraries.


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