Sune Vuorela <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>  - Huge advantage with kde4
> Active upstream development, bugfixings and general work. Kde3 is dead. 

That point is moot for thinking about inclusion in a *stable*
distribution. Noone disputes that kde4 is actually actively worked on,
while KDE3 has gone to maintenance mode - but the only thing that counts
is the quality of KDE3 and KDE4 in four to six weeks. After that, no
development effort will end up in lenny, only maintenance will be

This hasn't been brought up yet, but if KDE4.1 will end up as incomplete
as it looks like right now [1], will the KDE team actually support it
once 4.2 is out or will they try to get people to move on to 4.2 [2]?

> I expect kde4.1 to be on time - but I actually think it is worth to delay 
> lenny for if needed.


>> -Some arches do not like KDE 4
>> Let's keep this short: KDE 4 needs to be built in all the release archs,
>> and it actually does not.
> It is only hppa. It should be possible to get someone to fix it.

"Should be possible" sucks for actual planning.

> Not doing so will be a very big mistake.  And it fits exactly in the schedule 
> for lenny.

That is not true. If you would actually be able to follow the lenny
schedule, KDE4 would already be in testing.


[1]  Meaning that myriads of details are not yet ported/finished
[2]  Which is, as far as I understood, the promised land, where all KDE3
     applications have been ported to KDE4, everything is polished and
     flashy features have been spread over all software - just like 4.1
     was promised to be when 4.0 came out.
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