On Thursday, 5. June 2008, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We have been delaying taking a decision about this for too much time now, 
> the freeze is coming up [0], and we need to have it clear, for our users, 
> the release team and the rest of Debian.

FWIW, just my thoughts, my own conclusion, and how I'll handle it at work:

I install kubuntu at work on the desktops, but I will stick at work with
Kubuntu Hardy with KDE 3.5.9 when shiny new Kubuntu Intrepid with KDE 4.1
as only KDE desktop will be out.

IMHO those users who are happy to have 4.1 as default, will want to switch
to 4.2 when it's out.  So deciding to give them 4.1 in lenny will only make
them happy for half a year.   Not a thankful usergroup for an release cycle of
~ 18 month !?

About 'outdated' konqueror in KDE 3 it turned out that some webpages did
not work with it. Firefox had no problem and the users stick with firefox
So no real problem to stick with KDE 3  _until_ the KDE4 versions of konqueror
(with webkit?) koffice, amarok, digikam ... blow the alternatives and KDE 3
away ;)

My advanced users,  maybe get KDE 4.1.* or 4.2 from an external repo if they
ask and can explain me why ;)  Thinking about  ~/.kde,  ~/.kde4 and merging
is afaiu still to be really tested, especially when running in mixed kde3 and
kde4 version of apps.

An external repo updated with latest KDE 4 releases as they are released
is the only sensible way IMHO to deal with the great KDE 4 fixes and
enhancements.   Maybe 4.2 or even a later 4.1.* but with more apps ported
to KDE 4 is the right time to switch at work.

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