Am Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008 schrieb Ana Guerrero:
> We have been delaying taking a decision about this for too much time now,
> the freeze is coming up [0], and we need to have it clear, for our users,
> the release team and the rest of Debian.

Just take a look around any of the various bug lists for KDE, in Debian or 
upstream.  How many months or years of testing do you think it took to find 
these?  Considering that KDE 4 is pretty much new software, you should plan 
on spending that much testing time for it as well.  And I don't believe that 
time has already been spent, despite all the prereleasing and so on.  So in 
my mind the proposed plan to upload hitherto unreleased software in the last 
minute before the OS release is quite foolish.

Keep in mind that KDE is going to be used by a lot of otherwise 
computer-illiterate users.  There are a lot of corporate and government users 
that are very conservative and need robust functionality and upgrade paths.  
Things like icons being misrendered, MIME types not being properly connected, 
the apparent requirement to mix some KDE 3 and 4 applications -- yes, all 
these things are probably fixable and can be tolerated by an experienced 
user.  But if KDE+Debian is supposed to be "The Linux Desktop", which it is 
well on its way to being, then these problems, which are numerious in KDE 4, 
should not be tolerated.


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