20:13  <ana> mmm, let's review the current situation while we are on it
20:14  <ana> i have kde3 on its way, nothing really important here, if you are
curious about the status: http://ana.debian.net/ana/tmp/TODO.kde3
20:14  <ana> continuing with lenny
20:15  <ana> kde 4 parts in lenny, we already uploaded the first
b-d, next are kde4libs kdepimlibs and -runtime
20:15  <ana> looking at
20:15  <ana> it should be snapshop'ed and uploaded this weekend
20:16  <ana> only that, no really need to update the rest until rc1, i think
20:16  <ana> when uploading the RC bugs needs to be addressed
20:16  <ana> some are easy, just close, some are easy too but not fun :)
20:16  <ana> (when uploading to unstable i mean)
20:16  <MoDaX> runtime licence stuff is not fun
20:17  <ana> indeed
20:17  <MoDaX> at least for me
20:17  <ana> and then after that
20:17  <ana> what kde4 apps are we puhing:
20:17  <ana> okular, ktorrent? and?
20:17  <mukidohime> Why ktorrent?
20:18  <pinotree> because it's kool™
20:18  <mukidohime> It won't integrate with anything.
20:18  <ana> mukidohime: maintainers decision
20:18  <ana> since maintainer is cluefull it is ok on my side
20:18  <pinotree> mukidohime: okular neither :>
20:18  <ana> well, how it sounds?


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