On Wednesday 20 June 2012 04:49:39 Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:
> Hi everyone! Here's our current status wrt KDE 4.8.4. According to [0]:

Thanks for the status (and your (plural) hard work over the last days)

> - We are still needing to prepare + upload kdegraphics-thumbnailers, parley
> and kwordquiz. I will try to tackle these tomorrow, but help is welcomed.

I just took care of parley and kwordquiz

> According to what I read on -devel today [1], we may consider approaching
> the release team on this, if no one else has already done so, of course.

We have had a transition ticket open for ages.
> = Needs a new upload
> okular is marked as such, although I coul not find the reason nor I know if
> this can be done right now or needs to wait something else (a transition
> maybe?)

okular fails to build on some architectures. needs some arch specific symbol 
files adjustments for freebsd-archs.
It can be done now.

> = "I can't find them"
> Somehow I can't find kcharselect and kcalc in the archive, although they
> were uploaded by Sune on Sunday/Monday.

I found them. I missed a epoch. and I've added it and reuploaded. Thanks for 

Genius, I cannot link a clock, how does it work?

First you must ping the line for installing the pointer of a cable over a 
periferic on the modem.


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