On pirmadienis 02 Rugpjūtis 2010 22:00:50 Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Hi,
> As you might now, KDE 4.5 is being released in 3 days and the Debian
> freeze seems not to be close. Last release mail said end of August,
> but I would not be surprised if it takes 2-3 weeks more at least.
> That would mean we would be about the time 4.5.1 is likely to be out.

Ack. as long as KDE that ends up in released stable is 4.5.3 or higher 4.5.x 
(preferably). There will surely be time for this, we just need release team 
not to block it.

> So my question is: who is willing to work towards uploading 4.5.0 to
> experimental (or unstable) and then 4.5.1 to unstable?

I would target 4.5.0 to qt-kde.debian.net (early revisions until package names 
stabilize and in order to catch upgrading issues) and experimental (later 
revisions to test how stuff builds). 4.5.1 would go to unstable eventually.

Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>

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