On Mon, Aug 02, 2010 at 03:00:50PM -0400, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> This needs some general planning of what needs to be done and tell the 
> release team about our plans. I am willing to help with this part
> and make uploads if needed, but I do not have too much time for the
> updating part.

Thanks for all your answers so far!
Now the next step is mailing the release team, I have voluntered with this
part, but as as you know, I have not been around lately and I need some help 
recollecting information.

The plan is: shipping into the next stable release with KDE 4.5.x where
x is hopefully at least >=2 with Qt 4.7.
The 4.5.0 release is in 2 days and we are far from having packages ready,
so as Modestas pointed, we could ship then wherever we have something
ok for general public at qt-kde.d.n and later upload 4.5.1 directly to the 
4.5.1 is supposed to be released in the 2nd week of September.

Fabo, do you know when is Qt 4.7 being released? :) I have not idea about
approx dates and we need them if we are about to tell our plans to the
release team. Actually, it might be a good idea to handle this separately?

About KDE 4.5, gkiagia, Modestas: what have you found so far? As I have
understood it, we should have not problems with the soname bumps/additions/
removals (if any) out of KDE (SC).
Also, I know we have one new package neeeded, grantlee, but it is already in 
the archive (thanks to bricks!).

Finally, it is kdepim. The "official" planning currently says they will skip
4.5.0 and release with 4.5.1 and well, the changes will be big. Should we keep 
4.4.x anyway?



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